Monday, January 25, 2010

Order and Chaos -- Again

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This weekend, the miraculous manifestation of a used filing cabinet set into motion a chain of events known as "the law of unintended consequences." The Murphy's Law variation is, "Whatever you set out to do, something else must be done first.

Before I knew it, I had turned my office into a total wreck. It seems that things always get a little worse before they get better. My ambition and frustrated longings led me through a train of thought that culminated in the reorganization of my entire office; including (dun dun DUN!!!!) the closet. The simple de-cluttering turned into a "pitch fest." The next step -- loading everything into my car for a trip to recycling.

Two days after beginning, I am finished -- all except for vacuuming in the morning before my first client arrives. I feel ready to welcome new people and new ideas. Possibilities are ripe! It literally feels like I have a new office to go with the new year. It's not THAT different, at least in appearance. I can't wait to see how the subtle changes -- settled in after a tumultuous few days -- affect my work and my students.

It's a perfect analogy to what happens during a Functional Integration lesson. Over time, our unconscious movement habits -- simple adaptations to everyday life, really -- have gotten the best of us. That sore neck or back is just the "calling card" for the hidden clutter in the total system. With gentle lessons in the Feldenkrais Method, the effects can set in motion a chain of events that is transformational.

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