Monday, June 15, 2009

Strong Back, Comfortable Arms, Hands Skillful and Free: the Paul Rubin Houston Workshop

Paul Rubin, one of the original U.S. students of Moshe Feldenkrais, presented a workshop at NiaMoves in the Heights (Houston, TX) June 6-7. Twenty-one people attended, and the experience was transformational. Here are some of the responses to the workshop.

"I found the workshop interesting, fascinating and enlightening. . . When I got on my computer Saturday evening, I noticed that I was using my whole arm to move the mouse versus just the wrist. That was astonishing. At the office on Monday, I noticed that my whole arm was moving when I was mousing. The lesson was still hanging on. I enjoyed meeting and listening to Paul. Quite the storyteller and hugely interesting. Thanks for providing the opportunity to attend the class."

"It has been an unusual week after the workshop. I . . . thought I was prepared for the weekend activities --but was most surprised. The gentleness and subtleness of Feldenkrais is deceiving. It is very powerful work and has taken me several days this week to begin to process all that changed and I feel that I have just begun. The most significant thing I noticed is how much emotional baggage I carried in my body and that continues to release. . . ."

"I'm so appreciative that you brought Paul Rubin to Houston and that I've gotten to know him and work with him. Those two days were amazing in so many ways. First, I found myself feeling like a kindergartener again working on the floor mats. Being on the floor brought me back to a "nap time" remembrance of Kindergarten and how I was learning new things about the world, only this time I was learning about my body. The whole time was such a good mix of thinking self awareness and feeling awareness. It's hard to describe exactly, what changes have taken place. I know I have a much greater appreciation and self awareness of how I move in space and sensing my movement originating from my core, and also having a curiosity to see how my body does things. "

"There were many, many things I enjoyed about the day and ½ and how Paul Rubin teachesI think ….that I observed a brilliant method of providing opportunity to “anticipate” a movement “fill in the blank” with one’s own ideas too. . . >The weekend workshop has been on my mind frequently. Thank you very much. Here are my thoughts and observations. I have slept better since. ">When I put on my earrings Monday morning….I noticed that my right ear was higher than my left ear. Yes! I thought that I had “lifted” my right side out of my back and shoulder in the last set of movements on Sunday.I did a day of physical work on Monday…down and dirty…polishing the floors in my old house, which I do by hand and on my knees. I was able to be more aware of fatigue and tension and move in such a way that there is no pain.But more than that…..The thinking that Paul Rubin presented is so consistent with what I understand to be “a systems view of the body (including brain)”. And he put in words observations I still struggle to articulate. Which means I understood more deeply myself after the workshop. He has clearly integrated experience and science in a way that is very helpful."

"Thank you for organizing this workshop. You and Paul are wonderful teachers and now I have a little better sense about ATM and its benefits. My impressions during the workshop were more experiential than anything and a little difficult to describe in words. Enjoying the exploration of what felt comfortable and what didn’t during the lessons was very interesting. Also, noticing how my parts fit together (i.e. hand into arm into shoulder)"I had a dream early Monday morning that I was dancing an Irish jig! Very funny initially, but I was REALLY good -- LOL!!! In the reverie before I woke up, I had a visual of using my hands to go through the stacks of work on my desk. My visual also including prioritizing the work so that I was only dealing with the most critical issues first. Needless to say, Monday and today have been extremely productive for me."

Did you miss it? Paul will return to Houston in September. Dates will be announced soon. Be there, or, as they say. . .

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