Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Clean Slate

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Sometimes, you gotta do it.

I always do it around New Year's, and perhaps one other time, if necessary.

It's now necessary.

I've decided I'm completely caught up on all the emails I'm going to catch up on. I have flagged and filed everything I may need to refer to. And so, sometime on Monday, I am going to delete all the emails hanging around in my in-box. It's time for a fresh start.

Having experienced this in the past, I know there is nothing to fear. The people who need to hear back from me will email me again. I can have a clean slate in just two clicks of my mouse. The feeling of freedom, of happiness, of fresh newness is amazing -- almost like going on vacation. It's a time and attention jackpot. Just like that.

Every time I move through an Awareness Through Movement lesson, I feel like my nervous system is refreshed. I can notice what habits and patterns I've been using past their "expiration date." My mental inboxes are cleared, and I feel new with the rediscovery of simpler, less cluttered ways of moving, thinking, and feeling.

Delete, re-boot. How about you?

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