Friday, August 14, 2009

BULLETIN: I Missed the 80s

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Every once in awhile, I have these amazing Moments of Awareness.

This is to be expected. After all, I am a Feldenkrais teacher. Awareness is our Bidness.

So. I have become aware, in a flash of insight, that I was, apparently, in a coma during the 1980's.

There are isolated strands of melody, fleeting images, dreamlike, that waft through my consciousness from time to time. But I always say, "Naaaaahhhh. Couldn't have been."

Two of my 30-something-ish friends have recently posted these delightful mashups-- well worth watching.


I've been in denial all these years. My daughter was born in 1983, and my son in 1988. I've suspected this accounts for the fact that I remember the shock, sometime around 1995, when I saw a movie that DIDN'T have animated characters in it. I f@$%ing missed the 80's. Yes. I blame my children. Music, movies, culture -- maybe I even missed -- history. YIKES.

So, in the name of learning, and that it's never too late -- what did I miss?

Please include your links and synopses in the comments.
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dwightus said...

marybeth! queen's song is from 1977 and outkasts' is from 2003...even averaged thta is still so 1990!

you maybe missed more than 80's.

yellow and red said...

Try the country/western song, "It was 1980 something"