Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The UP Experience Blog

I'm lucky to be one of the writers for the blog for The UP Experience. Here's a new post that speaks to some themes of the Feldenkrais Method:

Steve Wozniak started ballroom dancing five weeks ago. He’s had two weeks of competition. He is a beginner, and he is a fast learner. Having made some footwork mistakes on Monday night, he analyzed the problem, perceived the pattern, and was able to correct it. The studio audience gave him a standing ovation, and Twitter went wild. Dancers and audience members alike learn, over the course of the season, to make ever finer distinctions. Even though the back-stories can be a little cheesy and often seem like unnecessary padding in the bloated show, they allow us to witness the personal growth of the contestants. Real growth and development. That’s extraordinary, especially in prime time. Everyone learns, and the American Public learns to appreciate the process and the plain old hard work behind the scenes that leads to excellence and ultimately, to the best possible performance. Who knew that Dancing With The Stars would demonstrate — DEPTH?MaryBeth Smith, The UP Experience Blog, March 2009

Please read the whole article. I'm very interested in your comments, either here or there.

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